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Project Team: Ali Malek, Tony Dinardo, Daniele Laurentini

Construction: Urbanline

Structural Engineer: Kurjian Engineering

Photography: Revelateur Studio

Lot Size: 25' x 100'

Living Area: 2,200 sq. ft

Design: 2015

Completion: 2017



BILD Renovation and Custom Home Awards

Best Renovation - $300,000 to $500,000

Designed for a family of four, the NY House is the result of an extensive renovation of a mid-size, three-storey house in midtown Toronto. The new house references the former life of its owners in New York City, accommodating the current work and life of two active professionals and their young children.


A comprehensive home, NY House is customized with flexible, multi-purpose spaces fit for a growing family.The design strategy responds to the owners’ need for the penetration of natural light, air circulation, and views into their living space. This was achieved through architectural gestures. The dated interior partitions were removed to create an open and welcoming home—characterized by its intimate relationship with its immediate landscape and context. A customized skylight was positioned [V1] to be visible from every point on the first, second and third floors.


Elegantly detailed millwork in oak along with white, double-cross, engineered hardwood floor unify the interior of the house with a large cedar garden pavilion. The choice of dark window frames added a striking contrast to the matte white interior walls as well as the exterior façade, complementing the existing red brick of the cladding. The result is a comprehensive home with a distinguished presence and flexible, multi-purpose spaces fit for a growing family.

 [V1]Where is the skylight positioned so that it is visible from all floors? Note: there are no pictures of the skylight in the slide deck.

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