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Project Team: Ali Malek, Talayeh Hamidya

Construction: Niam Construction

Structural Engineer: Mina Design Group

Photography: Lyli Markovic

Lot Size: 30' x 165'

Living Area: 2,400 sq. ft

Design: 2011

Completion: 2013

The architectural formation of this house was process driven: a collaborative approach in practice with a recently graduated apprentice. The two ideas manifested in a physical joint outcome. The narrow, yet deep site, although a challenge, inspired the details and architectural interventions throughout.


Our collaborative approach led to an understanding about the relationships between the spaces, maximizing natural light and increasing efficiency in the flow of movement and spatial relationships through minimalism. The kitchen was selected as a central node, connecting the spaces inside with one another as well as with the courtyard at the back. Furthermore, the volumetric geometry of the interior spaces resulted in a playfulness with the heights of each space, so they are visually connected, but experientially separated through minimal height variation and the use of a few steps. On the second floor, an array of carved out skylights sculpted the flood of ribbon-like natural light into the house from the ceiling, and the efficiency of the design scheme offered 4 bedrooms with joint balconies.


The material selection proved to be challenging as the intention was to use quality, yet inexpensive materials to help with cost saving strategies for the client. Fiber Cement boards clad the exterior facade in composition with warm Mexican Cedar and Stucco. Inside, White Oak was not only used for the floors, but also for feature walls in order to lend a sense of visual continuity. Moreover, H2 House is equipped with high velocity mechanical systems for energy efficiency and comfort, as well as smart electrical systems.

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