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Project Team: Ali Malek, Sean Khalili

Construction: Urbanline

Structural Engineer: Kurjian Engineering

Photography: Lyli Markovic

Lot Size: 30' x 130'

Living Area: 2,200 sq. ft

Design: 2010

Completion: 2011

Turning an existing bungalow into a contemporary home for a family of three was an exciting challenge. Their lifestyle informed the architectural transformation, dealing with the existing conditions, providing spatial comfort, and offering new-age aesthetics. A second floor was added for the addition of three bedrooms, keeping the main floor open for a centrally positioned kitchen, a large family room, dining, and entertainment area.


Inspired by industrial barns, the conventional wood frame is adorned with corrugated sheet metals that cladded three sides of the house as well as its detached garage. White stucco covers the front façade in composition with wooden window frames and black aluminium accents. Moreover, a continuous wooden strip at the top of the structure on three sides of the house provides a visual connection and warmth in contrast with the white stucco. Inside, exposed micro topping concrete along with exposed rough steel and glass railings make up the staircase—a coalescence of interior and exterior aesthetics.


Delivered on a restricted budget, the materials were carefully selected to accommodate and include a new high-velocity HVAC system. Since it’s completion, the architectural transformation of Galaxy House has offered its owners comfort, style, and a place to create long-lasting memories.

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