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dormer king


Client:  Dormer Homes

Project Team:  Ali Malek, Mani Yeganegi

Site Area:  8,264 metres squared / 88,957 sq. ft

Type:  Townhouse & Semi Detached

Size :  5,727 metres squared / 61,651 sq. ft, 22 Units

Status:  Design Approval

The project, a conceptual experiment regarding residential developments, is comprised of 14 townhouses and 8 semi-detached homes. Holistically, they introduce a much-needed transition in the architectural design amid the suburban setting. Considering Millenials as dwellers, this study, Dormer King, marries the traditional conventions of subdivisions with contemporary, condominium-like features. The developer collaborated with our team to design intelligently-configured spaces with needs of future families in-mind. Progressive in every aspect, the configurations present different elevations at the front and back of the units to achieve the three-storey look on both sides. Each of these residential units includes efficiently-planned and abundantly-lit living spaces. Inside, an open-concept design offers the residents' convenience and visually-striking spaces. In every room aesthetics and function are balanced carefully. Rich, a natural pallet of stone, stucco and wood offer a future-forward composition that appeal to the taste and lifestyle of the new generation of families in the suburbs.

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