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Gallery House


Project Team: Ali Malek, Daniele Lourentini

Structural Engineer: Kurjian Engineering

Photography: Revelateur Studio

Lot Size: 70' x 150'

Living Area : 4,000 sq. ft

Design: 2017

Completion: 2018




BILD Renovation and Custom Home Awards (under $500,000) 

Our client required a new configuration for their beloved house. Having had been built without architectural intention, the house featured outdated and traditional aesthetics that no longer served its owners and inhabitants. They required an intervention that would functionally connect the spaces within and around the front entrance. The new addition, in plan and section, not only connects the garage and kitchen efficiently, but it also offers a new powder room at the ground floor and protrudes out, transforming the traditional-looking structure into a contemporary home.  


The addition connected the two volume of the residential house, creating a new essential powder room and providing access to the garage from the existing kitchen. The volume, geometry, and materiality that were carefully selected for the addition harmonize the existing structure, offering the previously disjointed visual presence of the house a new character. The challenges revolved around keeping the addition distinct from the existing structure while refraining from clashing with it. The interior also needed to be configured to connect the various spaces with an improved circulation for a better flow and, as a result, lifestyle.


Considering that the project budget was small, the goal was to use quality, yet inexpensive materials as a cost-saving strategy to accommodate the client. Carefully sourced natural stone, cedar wood and aluminum windows in combination with metal paneling and stucco complete the material composition, creating a timeless look and offering sustainable finishes. The new addition not only transforms the traditional house into a contemporary home, but it also provides the client with a configured new space that would last multiple generations for a growing family.

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