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angled HOUSE


Project Team: Ali Malek, Ivan Martinovic, Sean Khalili

Construction: Urbanline

Structural Engineer: Strudet Engineering

Photography: Borxu Design

Lot Size: 44' x 120'

Living Area: 3,500 sq. ft

Design: 2009

Completion: Fall 2010

The house is situated on a corner lot adjacent to a schoolyard. It incorporates a series of angles which serve to break up the orthogonal grid. The view from the house is not just directly across the street, but further down the street and past other houses. By angling parts of the home, the architecture maximizes the corner lot by taking advantage of the southern exposure and framing specific views. Through careful design explorations, there were new vistas created that ordinarily would not be possible to view on a residential street, giving the house its name, The Angled House.


Most other homes in this neighbourhood have been converted from bungalows to two-storey homes, featuring underground garages and landscaped front yards. While this house follows this general pattern, integrating with the community by respecting the concept of a typical single-family dwelling, it also leads the way with its use of innovative building materials and technologies.


The clients, both engineers, had precise and challenging requirements for their new custom home. They wanted a modern, self-sufficient house that could function for a number of days off the grid, if necessary. That requirement was resolved by incorporating the geothermal heating and cooling system, coupled with the solar energy roof panels and the emergency generator, creating a home that serves as a model of energy-efficiency and self-sufficiency.


The clients also had specific requirements for the distribution of space. As a result, the design proposed to combine the kitchen and dining areas into a single, open concept entertaining space that flows out to the exterior deck. On the second floor the bedrooms of the same sizes were created with identical amenities, yet with different layouts, shapes and colours, to allow for all the family kids feeling equal but also unique.

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