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we be kidz

day care 


Project Type: Institutional 

Status: Under Construction

Lot Size: 15,300 sq.ft., 1,421 m2

Structure: 3 Storey Steel Frame and Core Slab

Urbanscape Project Team: Ali Malek, Tony Dinardo, Daniele Laurentini, Ali Shams

Subconsultants: Strudet Engineering for Structure, Spline Group for M&E, NextTrans for Civil, 

GFA : 6,500 sq.ft, 604 m2

Render: Urbanscape Architects

First branch of a series of daycares for the client, VKids Daycare, imposed an array of intriguing challenges at the beginning. The ambitious program requirements in combination with a corner site in a residential neighbourhood demanded the architectural design to be considerate and respectful towards the functionality and the immediate context.


Conceptually, the architectural expression represents a two-layered design, reflecting the mission of this particular brand of daycares: symbolically caring for the children. The geometry, akin to a pair of strong hands coming together, reveal a transparent layer on the inside: caring for fragility and innocence. This transparent layer is playful in colour, distinguishing its function apart from the surrounding. In section, the building cascades down towards the residential neighbourhood at the back as an ode to the quaintness of the suburban fabric. Inside, multifunctional, flexible spaces allow for a variety of activities as well as future transformation and growth of the daycare.


Access to the building and organizing the flow of the vehicular traffic were significant challenges that needed careful considerations given the limited, small area of the site. Nevertheless, the design accommodates the imposed restrictions regarding the parking and safety requirements with regards to the drop off and pick up of the children at the entrance area.



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